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GP Advice for Parents

GP's are concerned about parents not getting their children medical attention as promptly as they should. The have issued the following advice.

There is a slightly worrying trend of late presentation of very ill children with conditions that parents would probably have seen a doctor/called for help earlier. This will be for many reasons including fear of being anywhere near a hospital /GP surgery right now. If your children are unwell and you need advice, then please do contact the health service for advice. This Friday and next Monday GP surgeries will NOT be closed. This Bank holiday has been cancelled for us. Call as usual and if a GP is worried, they will usually do a video call and bring your child into the surgery to see them if they’re worried. Paediatric A and E is also available and should be used if you are particularly worried. 111 is available too but I know that there is often a long wait to even speak to someone so do call your surgery. Below is some guidance that you can use. Stay safe everyone.


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