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Self Isolation

Staying indoors for 3 or more weeks was never going to be easy so here are some handy tips.

Doctors Note.

If you need a doctors note due to self isolation you do not need to see your GP. Go to

images.jpgQuiet Space.

However much we love our family there will be times when you will need your own space. Set aside somewhere that you can go in your home to chill. Have a candle (don't leave it burning when you leave), books or music. Make sure that no one hogs the space, you will all need it.

Start A New Project.

Chris Hadfield the Canadian astronaut (they know a thing or two about isolation) suggests that starting a new project like learning the guitar or a new language will keep your mind active. He says "set some goals and go for it".

Have A Schedule & Take Time For Fun.

Another astronaut Scott Kelly says that "You will find maintaining a plan will help you and your family adjust to a different work and home life environment," Kelly wrote. "When I returned to Earth, I missed the structure it provided and found it hard to live without." 

But Kelly thinks it's also important to relax a bit while working from home. "Take time for fun activities: I met up with crewmates for movie nights, complete with snacks, and binge-watched all of Game of Thrones twice."

Buzz Aldrin

The second man on the moon, Aldrin is taking no chances. When asked what he's doing to protect himself from the virus, Aldrin said he was "lying on my ass and locking the door." Let's follow his advice.

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