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Caring For Your Pet

dog-cat.jpgCaring for your pet at this difficult time is going to give a few of us a worry. Ease your concerns with our handy guide.


Government guidance is that people should only be leaving their house to exercise once a day.

Daniella Dos Santos, president of the British Veterinary Association (BVA), said dog owners should use this as an opportunity to give their pets a good exercise, while observing two-metre social distancing requirements.

She said owners should avoid group dog walks and use gardens if available, while households of multiple people, if not self-isolating, could take turns taking a dog out. Ms Dos Santos advised people living alone who have no access to a garden and need to take their pet out to be “pragmatic and very sensible”.

Ms Dos Santos said self-isolators could get someone from outside the home to walk their dog if they are careful to ensure minimal contact.

“That person just needs to exercise good hygiene precautions, whilst trying to maintain that two-metre distance as well,” she said.

If you don't have a friend or neighbour who can walk your dog then get in touch, using the form below, we have members standing by who will be only too happy to help.

What about your beloved dogs looks? Sorry to have to tell you, you will either have embrace the au naturel look or learn how to do your own dog grooming. Pets like dogs should also spend rest periods in separate rooms, to avoid the potential for separation anxiety when owners go back to work.


cat-game.jpgCats adore getting all up in your face if you are at home, especially sitting on your laptop keyboard (Why not? After all it is made of warm). Use what you have around you to make life more interesting for them. Hide some treats around the place. Create hiding spots for anxious kitties by freeing up space on top of cupboards, cutting holes in cardboard boxes, or draping a sheet over the back of a chair. Cat fort!

We are also tremendous fans of Cat TV clips on YouTube such as CAT GAMES – LASER CHASER (FOR CATS ONLY) and CATCHING FISH ONE HOUR VERSION They work great on a big screen or iPad for your cat.


All the vets we spoke to are seeing urgent and emergency cases only. Most have changed their opening hours so check with them before going.

As you would expect the RSPCA has a very good page with further advice and information.

I Need Help Walking My Dog


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