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Easter Ideas

Easter_Bunny.jpgChildren everywhere will be very relieved to learn that the Easter Bunny is a key worker and is not self isolating. It's official, the Prime Minister of New Zealand announced it along with the news that the Tooth Fairy is also continuing her duties.

However the Easter Bunny is very concerned to make sure that children carry on with social distancing and don't mix as they might have otherwise done. So here are some ideas that we have been asked to pass on. Click on the blue links for details of each one.

Virtual Egg Hunt

It's takes a bit of arranging but if you have a few families who can get together and arrange this it sounds huge fun. The eggs are real but the hunt is virtual so everyone has a good time and stays safe.

Egg Carton Chicks

All you are going to need to make these super cute chicks is egg cartons, glue and ideally acrylic paint. Easy for most ages and gets the kids creative, just keep an eye on the glue to make sure it doesn't go everywhere!

DIY Bunny Hats

bunny-hat.jpgWhile you are having your virtual party why not make some Bunny Hats to get everyone in the party mood? Although these directions call for Tic-Tacs we are sure that they will work just as well with jelly beans or other small sweets (or none at all if you are concerned about sugar levels). All the family will enjoy these.

Decorate Your Own Eggs

Making your own eggs is super creative and you never know you could discover the next Faberge. There are over 80 different ideas here, enough to keep the kids occupied for ages and the whole family in omelettes for months!

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