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IMG-20200322-WA0007.jpgThe major supermarkets have set aside priority times for the elderly and vulnerable. We understand that they are also including key workers with their ID's although we have yet to have it confirmed. This handy chart will give you the times for each chain.

Home Delivery

We have all seen (and probably experienced) empty shelves in the supermarkets. The larger stores delivery slots are booked up for several weeks but there are still some options.

Wiltshire Farms Foods have over 300 different meals to choose from delivered to you. They are ONLY accepting new customers who have received a letter from the NHS putting them on the high risk list, If this is you then could be worth checking out.

Daves Dairy is still taking new customers (unlike Milk and More) and can also deliver eggs, bread etc.
Phone 07970 535157or email

The Gluten Free Kitchen can deliver Gluten free meals, they also have Vegan and Vegetarian options.

New Covent Garden Market is the main wholesale market of fresh fruit and vegetables. They have really stepped up and are doing home delivery.

For a fuller list go to our SHOPS DELIVERING page

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