LibDemlogo_black_EPS_NO_strapline-small.pngEaling Covid-19 is an initiative of Ealing Liberal Democrats. It is non political and is intended to provide a central resource for residents for advice and how they can help.
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WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp-Logo.pngStarting a WhatsApp group for your street is a really good way of staying in touch and making sure that the elderly and vulnerable get the support that they need.

Post a note through the door of every house in your road inviting the residents to text or WhatsApp you then just add them to the group. 

Instructions on how to create a group

If you have an Android phone HERE

If you have an iPhone HERE

Crown-logo.jpgThe UK government has an official WhatsApp Covid-19 information service. To use it follow these steps

Add +44 7860 064422 to your contacts
Send a message saying Hi

They will keep you up to date.

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