LibDemlogo_black_EPS_NO_strapline-small.pngEaling Covid-19 is an initiative of Ealing Liberal Democrats. It is non political and is intended to provide a central resource for residents for advice and how they can help.
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hanwell-clock-tower.jpgHanwell has a lot of local organisations and is well known for the Hootie and Hanwell Carnival.

Hanwell Hootie

This year's Hootie scheduled for 9th May has now been cancelled but there may be a smaller one in October, check their website for details www,

Hanwell Carnival

Hanwell Carnival was originally scheduled for 20th of June. It has now been cancelled for this year and will take place next year on the 19th June 2021. Check their website


Residents Associations and Groups

Many of these associations and groups have set up local help schemes.

Hanwell Community Forum

Old Hanwell Residents Association

Add your group or association to this page.


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Please contact us if you need help, assistance or would like your organisation or project added to this site.

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